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Ultraviolet Technical Links
The following links are the references for the information found in this Understanding UV page.


Playing in the dark for Xeroderma Pigmentosum sufferers

Children with a rare skin condition are getting help through a unique play scheme that allows them to play outside at night when most playgrounds and facilities are closed.

Contains peer-reviewed scientific data on the sun, artificial light sources, reflection, filtering, protection of garments, etc.
Contains scientific and mathematical explanations of UV and biological effects.
Contains another description of the biological action spectrum for UV effects on skin.
UV Index Information and Forecast
Information on UV Radiation
A good educational resource for understanding the physics of ultraviolet light
A comparison of UVB irradiance of low intensity, full-spectrum lamps with natural sunlight
Contains data on spectral output of various GE lamps
Hohner Corporation paper on health effects of UV.

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