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Kansas City, MO Conference 2014

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 Join us for our bi-annual XP Medical Conference and meet other families with XP and listen to Researchers and Doctors give us up-to-date information on their current studies.  Kansas City, MO 2014


ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED!!!  Please contact our office at (916) 628-3814.


  1. Shady Hassan


    Iam egyption and iam living now in equatorial guenia. My son is an XP patients.
    I would like to attend the event
    what can I do????

    • Ryan Deguzman


      You and your son are more than welcome to come to the event. Please email me for more information.

  2. sherrie foster


    I am an XP patient I live in Kansas City when and where is the convention also how do I get tickets and info?

    Thanks Sherrie

  3. Andri


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