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Conference Registration

Includes hotel, group meals, conference sessions for family. Four
people max.$700.

For families larger than four, email for pricing.

Conference Registration – Deposit Only

Use the following purchase button if you’d like to pay the $100 deposit now and the balance at a later date:

Day Camper

Cost includes meals and conference for (2) Hotel not included $125 per day

2018 XP Family Medical Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

How your organization will benefit:
• Recognition in all XP publications, web site and marketing materials including newsletters.
• Recognition among the network of patients and donors including 10,000 on XP’s database.
• Opportunity to attend conference and learn more about Xeroderma Pigmentosum and it’s effects on patients.
• Acknowledgement by more than 200 attendees representing more than 40 states and multiple countries.
• A tax deductible donation.

What are the XP Family Conferences?
Life changing events for individuals of all ages in the Xeroderma Pigmentosum community. The Conferences
increase self-esteem, self-image and allow people to discover that they are not alone. There are opportunities
for people to interact with others that share the same challenges. Attendees also learn the most current medical
research, advocacy, support and awareness information.

Your Generosity is greatly appreciated!
Lives are changed every year by the XPFSG Conferences. We hope to continue these uplifting programs
indefinitely, and are confident that with your support, we can accomplish this goal. We invite you to be a part of
this very exciting time, and we thank you in advance for you contribution!

$5,000 Keeper of the Plains
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$2,500 Air Capital
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$1,000 Riverfront
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$500 Old Town
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